About the author

Katie WainwrightKatie Wainwright was born in Banes, Cuba, in 1935. Her father, William Howard Cameron was Scot; her mother, Angela Martinez, was Cuban. Her father worked for United Fruit Company, growing sugar cane. She went to high school in Louisiana and married Carl T. Wainwright in 1953. Between five children and work, she managed to get a B.A. in Education from Southeastern Louisiana University. "Writing has always been my hobby. In a crazy household, it helped maintain my sanity. Until now I never tried to publish anything because I didn't want a hobby to become a second job."

She was a newspaper columnist, writing 'Travelin,' articles from travelers around the world, including some of her own travels, for the Hammond Daily Star for 5 years. She also wrote 'A Date with Kate' for the Hammond Sun for nearly fifteen years. Solar Today, Inside Northside, Christian Science Monitor, and Chicago Tribune have also published articles Wainwright has written.

Wainwright's works include Cuba on My Mind, Secuestro, The Azaleas and Pohainake Parish, her latest novel.