New Book Release - Pohainake Parish

Two rebellious teenagers, a recent divorce, a bankrupt Pohainake Parish council, and a playboy occupying the chair next to her.
Hannah Kelly's former life as a housewife is beginning to seem like a lost paradise.

Pohainake Parish is the story of Hannah Kelly, a divorced mother of two teenagers, who gets elected to the bankrupt Pohainake Parish Council. The former housewife who spent her days baking cookies, running carpools and attending PTA meetings, is soon overwhelmed by the problems and decisions the council must make. Occupying the chair next to hers is Captain William Fleming, fortyish, single, handsome, a playboy who ran for office on a dare, never expecting to win. As the council members deal with jails, escaped convicts, piled up garbage, disintegrating roads, and lack of resources, Hannah’s serious attitude clashes with Captain Fleming’s devil-may-care stance. The conflict between them escalates to the breaking point. Hannah’s heroic attempts to comply with the demands of public office, while at the same time striving to maintain a stable family life, are the familiar struggle politicians face daily. Tempered with southern humor, the sad truths of ignorance, inefficiency, graft, nepotism and other woes of governing are exposed. Anyone who has been elected or is considering a political run would profit greatly from Hannah’s story. From side-splitting funny tales to troublesome and tragic incidents, presiding over a small Louisiana parish is a condensed version of what happens at every level of government, from local to national.

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