New Book Release - THE AZALEAS

Dumped by her lover, no money, no credit, no job, facing eviction.

Karla Whitmore hits rock bottom. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, she has reached a dead end, nowhere to turn, no place to go. Then a chance encounter at Café du Monde—

Albert Monsant, a suave, sophisticated uptown lawyer, offers Karla a job selling real estate, dangling the prospect of big money under her nose. Suspicious, but lacking options, Karla accepts the challenge.

Mary Bravelle, the inheritor of The Azaleas Plantation, arrives from France to arrange for its sale. While visiting the French Quarter, unexpected shots ring out from St. Louis Cathedral.

An accident? Hardly!

Arriving at The Azaleas, Karla is pitted against a roaming ghost, a good-old-boy network and a past culture that hangs on and won't let go. She soon realizes that the impediment to a sale is not the real estate, but the owner's conflicts.


Who wants Mary eliminated? And how does the past and its mysterious happenings fit in?

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  • March 15 - The Celebration of the Written Word, A Readers and Writers Conference, Hammond Regional Arts Center

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  • March 25, 9:30am - Methodist Women's Group, First Methodist Church